Out Shopping? Don’t Fall for Marketing Ploys Designed to Make You Spend More

Did you know that shopping carts doubled in size over the years, just to make you spend more money on cupboard essentials and staples? An infographic by Grocery Coupon Network shows you just how grocery stores can get you to spend double what you budgeted with savvy marketing ploys that trap you right from the door.

Grocery stores employ clever marketing psychology to appeal to your senses, to create a sense of hunger, but also a sense of bounty. The bread shop is usually positioned right by the entrance, entrapping you with soave aromas of freshly baked breads. And also by the entrance, the fresh flowers isle is a colorful, welcoming oasis, many times enhanced by artificial fragrances, to resemble natural scents.

The most popular items are stacked in the most accessible store areas, in highly visible places, inspiring you to buy, while cupboard essentials like milk, eggs, meats and cheese, are far from each other, causing you to travel from one side to the other side of the store, being exposed to even more colorful packages of food that you didn’t plan to buy.

Even if you come armed with a shopping list, and grocery coupons to “save” some money, the stores can still get you. If you see a “limited deal” consider it carefully – it may be just the bait to get that extra cash from your pocket. When you shop with your kids, beware that sugary treats and junk food are within their easy reach. Look at the infographic to see what other tricks are employed by grocery stores to make you buy more.

Grocery Psychology

Free ebook: Pure Love of the Fallen, Fantasy Short Story

Pure Love of the FallenThose of you who’ve read Pure Love of the Fallen, Part I will be thrilled to find out that the full short story is now available for download!

But first, a short description for those who do not know of this fantasy ebook that I’ve just released:

After being cast away from the Pristine Gardens, fallen angel Ramiel watches time go by in a city on Earth. Lacking everything and nothing, he is caught up between thoughts of his first love and its consequence – the banishment, and his day to day life which is usually a fight against boredom. He has one close friend, a human girl who has somehow convinced him to spill all his secrets. Will her warmth and support be enough to make Ramiel forget the past and start living again? Will he be able to help his friend with her own problem, an unrequited love?

Find out more about it and where you can download it here.

Hope you enjoy reading it and please remember to share it with your friends, rate, and review it if you like it!

Social Media Lessons: Finding A Roomie the “Connected” Way

You got accepted, or you’re headed back to college in the Fall to further the dream. Whatever stage your collegiate fairytale is at, finding a roommate and that home away can be a real chore. Interestingly though, social media opens up a whole new world of discovery possibility in this too.

Just in case you’ve not nailed down your crib near campus this year, the infographic below from ForRent.com gives valuable hint as to how to leverage each of the social networks to find that perfect roomie! Whether you find a Facebook group on your college campus dedicated to roommate postings, or a simple #hashtag does the trick, you’ll get connected a lot faster utilizing social channels.

Brought to you by ForRent.com


Pure Love of the Fallen, Part I – Fantasy Short Story

As some of you know, I also write short stories and novels. As part of the promotion strategy for my writer page on Facebook, I am rewarding my fans with a free short story published in two parts. Part I of Pure Love of the Fallen is now available for download. Have your pick at either the .MOBI version:


or the PDF version:


Hope you like the story and come back for Part II!

PR and Social Media Sites: The Always Open Relationship

social_media_buttonsWhen it comes to PR and social media, we might all be playing favorites, but we have to make room in our hearts strategies for all the major sites out there. I for one love Facebook and Twitter the most, but I am also involved in quite serious relationships with Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. Plus some other specialized networks that I often keep an eye on.

The truth is each of them have their own merits and what works for one client and one campaign might not work as well for others. Therefor, when it comes to social media strategies, the best play is to consider all major social media networks and decide based on a case by case analysis.  Continue reading