Business Travel: Great Tip for Industry Events, Use Customizable Sticky Labels

As some of you know, I take part in a lot of author events. It’s a new development for me as a writer (has been happening in the past two years and it’s going to happen more in the future). Whether you attend book fairs and author convention or other industry events, you might have the same problem I have when printing out brochures, post cards, bookmarks, and any other stuff you’d like to put in goodie bags or hand out at the event. You have to personalize them for each and every event!

Author event display

Of course, if you are a huge company, you don’t much care about having small batches of printed material for each event. Although, cost effectiveness is a concern for any type of business. I for one would love to print out more postcards and bookmarks at once, as bigger numbers mean lower prices. But each event needs its customization. If I run a special sale for event participants, that has to be added in. Anything from promo codes to the name of the event should be included in the design. Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Promotional Product Offering to Represent Your Company

Have you thought about using promotional products to help promote your company and improve upon branding? Here at Gopromotional, we have been helping companies get the best return on investment with branded gifts. There are three keys to success with a promotional product giveaway: the one you choose should be useful to the consumer, represent your company well, and be relevant to your brand. When those three elements come together, you will see some amazing results. If you haven’t used this type of advertising in the past, read on to learn how to ensure the product you choose has the three elements of success and also see proven results from industry surveys that show how promotional products make your company more memorable, improve sales, and costs less than other forms of advertising.

Three Keys to Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Business

Here’s how to choose the right type of branded gift item for your company that meets all three elements.

  1. Promotional Products Must be Useful to the Consumers

By the term “useful” we mean that the promotional product should be wanted and able to be used by the recipient. You can look at popular promotional products to determine some of these, such as pens, notepads, USB memory sticks, reusable bags, and clothing items. However, you can do research to find out what is useful to your audience.

  1. Promotional Products Must Represent the Company Well

Whatever promotional product you choose, it should be well made and last for the expected amount of time. If it is something intended to be kept for a long period of time, then it should last that long. If the promotional product breaks before expected or doesn’t work well, it can negatively impact your brand even if your company didn’t make it. So, you will want to choose a quality giveaway.

  1. Promotional Products Must Be Relevant to Your Brand

The culmination of the trifecta for choosing the right promotional product is that it should be relevant to your brand. Sure, pens are popular, but do they remind the recipients of your company beyond just your name and your logo? Sometimes that is enough, but sometimes it isn’t. So when it comes to choosing a branded gift, many times, the most success comes from choosing something that melds with the theme of your company or industry. Some examples include eco-friendly or reusable gifts if you are in the eco-friendly industry, tech gifts for tech companies, veterinarians might choose pet friendly promotional products, dermatologists should choose sunscreen or first aid kits, and car companies can select something like a car tool kit.

Industry Surveys Prove Usefulness of Promotional Gifts

The British Promotional Merchandise Association  (BPMA) has done a great deal of research in recent years to show that promotional products work to create loyalty, increase the length of the brand message longer than other forms of advertising, and effectively target your customers. Continue reading

How IT Outsourcing Can Save Your Business

When you own a small business or medium-sized business, the overall health of your company is always going to be a concern of yours. You want to make sure your employees are happy and productive and you want them to have the tools that they need to perform their jobs well. You also are careful about how you spend money so you can maximize profits, but this may also mean that you and others in your company start to take on responsibilities and tasks that you may not be best suited for. In small companies, this often happens when it comes to IT services. Most companies feel they can do without an IT person and simply shift the load to people already in the company. This process can actually be hurting you and you may find that using the IT outsourcing London offers today can help you to save your business.


Saving Time with Outsourcing

Time is a precious commodity for a small business owner and the employees of a small business. People in a small business often wear many hats to get job duties and functions done and IT is very often one of the areas you may find yourself taking care of. You may not even realize just how much time you spend taking care of basic network and desktop duties each day but it can add up to several hours of work. All of this means that there are hours you are not spending focusing on the tasks that are your real strengths that help to benefit the business the most. If you outsource your IT and use the IT support London service that can help you, you can get back to working in your strongest areas and be productive again. Continue reading

Where to Advertise – Facebook vs Google Adwords with Infographics

If you’re thinking to use your advertising budget on either Facebook or Google Adwords, you have to start with what you want to achieve. These two marketing outlets serve very different purposes and you always have to remember that. To simply put it, you use Facebook Marketing for branding and boosting your online communities, and you use Google Adwords to generate business.

Google Ads are a bit more expensive, but they convert better, and the sales cycle is significantly shorter. On the other hand, Facebook ads are great at reaching people with certain interests and lifestyles. The granularity is unparalleled. They might not have a clear intent to purchase anything, but it will get you a chance to target very specific demographics, and thus you will get to know your audience better.

While costs are a real concern, the truth is it can cost you a lot more to try and have fast, immediate results through Facebook ads. Google Ads convert a lot better, so the investment might be worthwhile. The basic idea is to use each advertising option for the right purposeContinue reading

Free Web Plugins and Tools to Boost Your Efficiency

As some of you know, my day to day work involves writing (novels and online articles), managing a few blogs, and doing PR for author and publisher clients. Research, handling online brands, and managing social media accounts is part of the job and multitasking comes with the territory. Imagine about a dozen social media accounts that I manage, always having about fifty tabs open for research purposes, and brainstorming a few different projects every day. Yup, that’s right, it’s a bit of a mess :)

To make sure I keep up with everything, never lose any online reference I’ve found, and never misplace that random post-it I jotted ideas on, I use a few web tools and plugins. I use several, but these three I’ve picked are the ones I couldn’t live without. I use them so much, they are part of the process, and if I have to make do without them, everything takes a lot longer. Continue reading