Effective Product-Push Ideas Retail Businesses Can Apply This Holiday Season

It’s easy to neglect in-store promotion strategies with all the attention going towards online and mobile marketing. But try not to fall into the trap.

As shocking as it may sound, a major portion of retail sales occur in-store, not on the web. In the last quarter of 2013, eCommerce sales accounted for only 6 percent of total retail sales, revealed the National Retail Federation in a study. That means retailers enjoyed more than 90 percent of the sales through other mediums, mostly offline retail channels.


Online marketing is indeed important, but the vast majority of shopping activity occurs in-store. So it’s important for retailers keeping an eye on the holiday season to start applying product-push strategies for best-selling items and products that bring higher revenue and profits.

Driving the in-store promotion effort, retail businesses can apply many tactics to entice people to buy a specific product itself, a category of products, or buy into a company brands, including the following strategies: Continue reading

Making the Most of Networking and PR Events

There are lots of reasons to attend networking events and conventions. Sometimes it is because you are a fan of the company throwing the event. Sometimes it is because you are a member of the community at whom the event is aimed. Sometimes you’re trying to break into a certain industry. Whatever the reason for going, there is one universal result of attending conventions, conferences and other types of networking events: you are going to meet a lot of people and see a lot of stuff. Trying to keep track of all of the details can be really difficult…

…unless you have a smart phone. All hail the smart phone! Here are the most important apps for convention and networking event attendees.

1. Social Media Apps

As a PR Pro, you likely already have profiles on all of the major social media sites. Make sure you have apps for these services in your smart phone or tablet before you go to the convention. Having the apps already downloaded makes it much easier to friend or follow someone immediately. This makes a much better impression than simply taking a card and hoping that you’ll remember to look up the person later. It also means that the person is much more likely to remember you, which is helpful for landing clients and gigs. Continue reading

Branding Bags and Boxes Boost Business

In the words of Steve Jobs, “The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing,” and your logo is the easiest way to create a memory of your brand. But a logo can do more than just create a memory, it can also jog the customer’s memory, even when they are nowhere near you.

In an earlier segment we talked about some effective guerrilla marketing tactics, like distributing T-shirts with your company logo. While distributing shirts is certainly effective, people don’t wear the same shirt every day. If you sell goods or services, another option is to ship items in custom cardboard boxes, and use custom bags for items bought in the store.

Why Customize?

On the surface, custom-printed bags and boxes may seem like an unnecessary expense, after all you could easily give a way thousands of these items a month. Those simple plastic “Thank You” bags, and plain brown boxes, have been working fine, so why rock the boat? Continue reading

Out Shopping? Don’t Fall for Marketing Ploys Designed to Make You Spend More

Did you know that shopping carts doubled in size over the years, just to make you spend more money on cupboard essentials and staples? An infographic by Grocery Coupon Network shows you just how grocery stores can get you to spend double what you budgeted with savvy marketing ploys that trap you right from the door.

Grocery stores employ clever marketing psychology to appeal to your senses, to create a sense of hunger, but also a sense of bounty. The bread shop is usually positioned right by the entrance, entrapping you with soave aromas of freshly baked breads. And also by the entrance, the fresh flowers isle is a colorful, welcoming oasis, many times enhanced by artificial fragrances, to resemble natural scents.

The most popular items are stacked in the most accessible store areas, in highly visible places, inspiring you to buy, while cupboard essentials like milk, eggs, meats and cheese, are far from each other, causing you to travel from one side to the other side of the store, being exposed to even more colorful packages of food that you didn’t plan to buy.

Even if you come armed with a shopping list, and grocery coupons to “save” some money, the stores can still get you. If you see a “limited deal” consider it carefully – it may be just the bait to get that extra cash from your pocket. When you shop with your kids, beware that sugary treats and junk food are within their easy reach. Look at the infographic to see what other tricks are employed by grocery stores to make you buy more.

Grocery Psychology

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