Fighting the Deportation Process the Right Way


With all of the changes that have occurred regarding national security laws and immigration laws in the United States over the last several years, the laws have become tougher and more difficult to understand. The word deportation gets thrown around a lot today and more and more people find themselves facing deportation hearings and the process than ever before. The changes in the laws have even made fighting deportation more of a challenge, creating rising fears and anxiety among immigrants who may feel that they have no hope or nowhere to turn. Fighting deportation can be even more of challenge if you have been arrested and convicted of a crime. You want to get the best help you can with fighting the deportation process the right way if you hope to have success. Continue reading

Reasons why Small Businesses are Adopting Video Conferencing

Working from home is more common than ever, and pricing for video communications tools are no longer as prohibitively expensive. It is not surprising therefore, that many small businesses are embracing videoconferencing.

Video conferencing

With that, gone are the days where Skype or Google Hangouts on Air are enough. Today, modern videoconferencing tool are popping like mushrooms overnight.  Every small videoconferencing platform has a myriad of tools (and different ones too) to offer their clients seamless experience during the meeting. From simultaneous chat translations, to meeting rebranding room and all the way to social integrations – it’s important to know what unnecessary features that cost too much are, and what are the essential ones that your business definitely needs.

So without delay, here are some of the benefits of adopting videoconferencing in your small business: Continue reading

The Three Anniversaries I Missed and Why That Is Not a Bad Thing

There have been three major anniversaries I missed this year. My own anniversaries, mind you. Some of them I know because of my archives, others I know of because there’s that thing called Facebook Memories. They show you what you’ve posted on a certain day throughout the years, and you can have an a-ha moment.

I let all these anniversaries slide, without doing much about them. Why? Well, I was super busy, wrapped up in things, and traveling during that period. Some of the travel, like this trip to Sighisoara, was unplanned. Other trips, like the one to Berlin for Euro Pride Con, were planned for close to a year in advance, and still managed to surprise me with last minute glitches. So, which anniversaries did I miss?

Happy Anniversary

Nine (9) Years of

Yes, this is my oldest self-hosted blog! The first post went like in mid-June 2007. Prior to that, WOBM was a blogger blog started in January 2005. So yeah, I’ve been blogging for more than a decade 😀 And yes, I am feeling a little old right now 😀 At some point, WOBM was my main blog, tightly linked to my career in Public Relations, and later to my very on PR and Marketing agency. Now it’s more of business and lifestyle blog, as my days in PR are almost over (apart from by Book & Author PR adventures).

All the Travel Tweaks Anniversaries!

Yeah, I said three, but it’s more like three blogs whose anniversaries I’ve missed. With, there were actually two :) Back in June 2008, I started my first travel blog. At the time, it was called Travel Spells. Later on, I moved it from a subdomain to its own domain and called in Travel Tweaks. This happened at the end of July, 2010. Yup, missed both of those important milestone anniversaries in my first travel blog’s life!

EyesOnBooks Anniversary

Another July anniversary I missed was two years of my Book Review Blog and Book PR Services Site, EyesOnBooks. This marked a huge moment for me. After considering giving up PR as a career forever, I started working on promoting my upcoming debut book, the vampire adventure/romance The Edge of Hope, the first book in the Bad Blood series. While I was working on this particular book promo, I started talking to other authors and realized they needed help promoting their books. I started helping them with book tours and posts in book groups, and when I realized this was something I wanted to do, just as I wanted to write and publish books, I created EyesOnBooks.

Why Is It Okay That I Missed Three Anniversaries?

Sure, I missed some promotional opportunities. But at the same time, I was busy traveling, releasing new books, and running book PR campaigns for my author clients. I had work coming my way, I was having fun, and I had great fun discovering new books released by my clients. All while sharing my experiences and travel adventures on the… well, five sites I run.

Do I feel kind of bad for missing all these anniversaries? Of course! Does it really matter that I missed them? Not really. I still feel I’ve accomplished a lot over the years. I am still working on all my websites. I have been back to traveling more for the past couple of years, and I have very interesting plans for the future.

In the end, if you’re busy enough and are having fun, enjoying your life, there are things you’re going to miss. Stop scolding yourself for them, you’re not superhuman. And while they feel like the world to you, in the grand scheme of things, there will be more anniversaries for you to make it up.

Business Travel: Great Tip for Industry Events, Use Customizable Sticky Labels

As some of you know, I take part in a lot of author events. It’s a new development for me as a writer (has been happening in the past two years and it’s going to happen more in the future). Whether you attend book fairs and author convention or other industry events, you might have the same problem I have when printing out brochures, post cards, bookmarks, and any other stuff you’d like to put in goodie bags or hand out at the event. You have to personalize them for each and every event!

Author event display

Of course, if you are a huge company, you don’t much care about having small batches of printed material for each event. Although, cost effectiveness is a concern for any type of business. I for one would love to print out more postcards and bookmarks at once, as bigger numbers mean lower prices. But each event needs its customization. If I run a special sale for event participants, that has to be added in. Anything from promo codes to the name of the event should be included in the design. Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Promotional Product Offering to Represent Your Company

Have you thought about using promotional products to help promote your company and improve upon branding? Here at Gopromotional, we have been helping companies get the best return on investment with branded gifts. There are three keys to success with a promotional product giveaway: the one you choose should be useful to the consumer, represent your company well, and be relevant to your brand. When those three elements come together, you will see some amazing results. If you haven’t used this type of advertising in the past, read on to learn how to ensure the product you choose has the three elements of success and also see proven results from industry surveys that show how promotional products make your company more memorable, improve sales, and costs less than other forms of advertising.

Three Keys to Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Business

Here’s how to choose the right type of branded gift item for your company that meets all three elements.

  1. Promotional Products Must be Useful to the Consumers

By the term “useful” we mean that the promotional product should be wanted and able to be used by the recipient. You can look at popular promotional products to determine some of these, such as pens, notepads, USB memory sticks, reusable bags, and clothing items. However, you can do research to find out what is useful to your audience.

  1. Promotional Products Must Represent the Company Well

Whatever promotional product you choose, it should be well made and last for the expected amount of time. If it is something intended to be kept for a long period of time, then it should last that long. If the promotional product breaks before expected or doesn’t work well, it can negatively impact your brand even if your company didn’t make it. So, you will want to choose a quality giveaway.

  1. Promotional Products Must Be Relevant to Your Brand

The culmination of the trifecta for choosing the right promotional product is that it should be relevant to your brand. Sure, pens are popular, but do they remind the recipients of your company beyond just your name and your logo? Sometimes that is enough, but sometimes it isn’t. So when it comes to choosing a branded gift, many times, the most success comes from choosing something that melds with the theme of your company or industry. Some examples include eco-friendly or reusable gifts if you are in the eco-friendly industry, tech gifts for tech companies, veterinarians might choose pet friendly promotional products, dermatologists should choose sunscreen or first aid kits, and car companies can select something like a car tool kit.

Industry Surveys Prove Usefulness of Promotional Gifts

The British Promotional Merchandise Association  (BPMA) has done a great deal of research in recent years to show that promotional products work to create loyalty, increase the length of the brand message longer than other forms of advertising, and effectively target your customers. Continue reading