I don’t really know where I’ve got the idea chocolate is good for your mood. A good way to get out of depressions, to cure low morale. However, I’ve never eaten chocolate for that. And mood boosting has to do with doing something just for myself not with what chocolate contains.

Some say, and apparently have also proved it, chocolate is actually good to stimulate your depression, and not to help you get out of it. Which ever of these two is true, I will still eat it with the same pleasure, especially since it’s something like a forbidden fruit right now.

I think feeling a little depressed, as long as it does not turn into something serious, is easy to fight. One just needs to decide on feeling better and acting on it. Taking yourself for a walk, reading a book you like, buying something nice, seeing your friends or going to the movies may prove to be miracle workers.

I love chocolate for the taste, the looks of it and the fond memories I have of it. My mom used to give a little chocolate every morning, before taking me to kindergarten. It was the best part of my morning! Well, it all stopped when she tried to squeeze medicine in my two pieces of chocolate to make me take it 🙂 But the sorrow did not last long!

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