Well’s novel “The Invisible Man” is mostly known for its different view on science and its impact on human life. Written in 1897, the book comes to bring readers a story of terror and an embedded warning: science can also bring darkness. This of course while the current trend for science fiction stories was to portray utopia-like futures brought to humanity by the miracles of science.

“The Invisible Man” relates, as if it were an investigation report, the strange story of a certain Griffin, a young scientist who has dedicated his life to Physics. While studying transparency and light, he discovers the secret of invisibility. His dedication to his research is also his road to hell, as it makes him selfish, inhuman and causes him to eventually loose all trace of humanity.

While exploring the immense advantages and occasional disadvantages of being invisible, he starts stealing, attacking and killing people. As time passes he becomes more aggressive, ill-tempered and cruel, making plans to use a State of Terror to rule mankind.

This intriguing story will prevent you from forgetting about this book until it’s finished. And if you’re thinking of reading it, why not start now?

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