… a lot of interesting things can happen. I am in Ploiesti right now, enjoying considerable cooler weather (as opposed to the steam bath offered by Bucharest everyday) and studying for my exam. My mom, as always, needs to take great care of me. So last night it was cocktail treat time! She wanted a gin tonic. I agreed, but it wasn’t that tasty, so after drinking a little from my glass, I poured a little multi-fruit juice. It was delicious! So here is the new recipe for what I call “Kayla Coktail”:

Gin – whatever brand you prefer, as much as you feel comfortable drinking.
Tonic water
(multi)fruit juice – I recommend Cappy Ice Fruit (multifruit or orange&grapefruit), my new favorite
Plenty of lemon
Ice (one or two cubes).

Stir just a bit it with your straw and enjoy 🙂

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