I feel we are over-computerized these days. Computers and gadgets take much of our time and space, constructively or not. How do you know a room is over-computerized? Well you start counting items. And you come to the conclusion that one room hosts the following: one PC, two laptops, two printers, three cell phones, one pocket PC, two mp3 players, a router…and the list could go on. Yes, this is fact, this is what you can find in the room D and I are in right now.

I guess we can call each other computer-dependent. Can you imagine life without computers? I can’t. Even if I wanted to completely quit using them, I still have to work (where I need to use my computer) and go to the University (they wouldn’t take hand-written projects or license papers, would they?).

Now the problem isn’t the inability to quit only. It the lack of desire to quit. If I’m away from any computer or gadget for more than 2 days, I go crazy. The crave starts kicking in. Why I don’t consider this a bad thing? Because of all the friends such gadgets brought to me. I believe this is only our daily reality. We have to keep it in mind and give our technology ruled life a human touch. We’ll be fine in the end, don’t you think?

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