The first word that comes to mind when describing this movie is “predictable”. That’s exactly how it is, and way to much of it! The same story with the CIA sniper asked to eliminate an evil terrorist and then everything goes wrong. The commanding operative that starts killing people around to cover up for himself as he is under investigation. The nice orphan little girl that helps the agent out of sheer loneliness. The attractive police officer whose father is killed and seems to be there just to be saved and look good. And the happy ending….

Wesley Snipes plays James Dial, CIA’s perfect killer. The character seems to be keeping some of the personality traits of other similar roles he has played, such as Blade. But I think such “cold on the outside, caring on the inside roles” are perfect for him. The movie is interesting to watch if you need some action story to relax, without too much thinking or originality. To my mind the IMDB rating for this movie is just about right.

I would not recommend going through the trouble of seeing The Contractor at the cinema. A copy of it seen at home will prevent you from having any regrets.

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