A new tag, from Mig who got it from Jen.

I could talk about my dreams of writing a book, of traveling and writing travel articles and taking lots of beautiful photos, about my dreams of having my own company to work from, of not being bound to an office 9 hours per day…

But this time, I’ll share a different vision with you. And I’ll start with a secret: whenever I see an old person or a child begging, skinny and with saddened eyes, I feel terrible. Some I help, others I just bump into at the wrong time. But do I really help them by giving some money? Money is spent in a blink of an eye. And we all know all beggars pay their dues to certain persons living off their backs!

So I wish there was something more I could do. I’d love to help build some kind of NGO specializing in finding a home and in securing a future for some people. Or at least a few peaceful years before their death. At this time, I really haven’t got enough money to make a difference, but I’d gladly offer my time and all my available skills. I’d also love to see the Church jumping in, instead of thinking of megalomaniac cathedrals to shadow all other buildings. I know there is a need for more churches. All those available are full. But is it really the biggest need the Church’s input should sooth? I doubt it…

I do have a general distrust for Romanian NGOs. I haven’t heard of one doing just what I mentioned. Which does not mean they do not exist. It only means their image did not penetrate my reality. So do they need help promoting themselves? Do you know of any such NGOs that you trust would do the right thing, here, in Romania?

Now to tag you. Well if you happen to read this post, consider yourselves tagged!

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