My first reply would be something like “definitely not”. But would that actually be a correct answer? I guess it depends on how you define looks. As appearance? That is not limited to the God-given physical traits. If you think about it, appearance is the image we advertise with those we meet. Some have the ability to go beyond (family, friends, really gifted people in reading others’ personality). Others stop there. And they might like what they see/feel or not.

Getting to this conclusion, I started thinking about what matters to me when I meet people. I tend to like people with warm smiles, that kind of people that also smile with their eyes. I like people with a confident air, although it is hard to describe it. And I also tend to like people taking care of themselves: choosing clothes that best fit them, not looking like a walking mess. Yes, people come in all shape and sizes, but a skinny person and a chubby person never look good in the same outfits. I like people with a sense of personal fashion (those who make trends by wearing what makes them look great, not what designers and teenagers shove down their throat).

Does this all make me superficial? Not really. You first meet people on a superficial level. You then get to know the real person inside them. I think sticking to the first level make you superficial, not personal tastes.

When it comes to business, the appearance is also important. “The image of you that you believe in is how people will actually see you”, I’ve heard this phrase in different context, with different words. And it is quite true. If you are confident, if you know how to adapt to the circumstances (clubbing dress would be a bad choice here), if you find a way to promote everything that’s good about you (without telling lies and by not making more of something petty), people will accept the image you choose to share with them. It might not be a complete image. But it is not a false one either.

Should we neglect looks? Why would we? We should however learn how to get to the essence of others. Because sometimes, appearances can be deceiving.

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