This one is a personalized meme. And it works like this: if you are interested, state it in a comment. I will email you a few personalized questions for you to answer on your own blog. I’ve got this set of interesting questions from Ali, who was a big surprise as an interviewer (much, much better than expected).

Q1. As someone who is technologically savvy and frequently posts about things such as Linux and the latest digital invention, is there any new product or innovation out there you are really excited by? Some gadget you want to own, or a new program you want to learn?

I am a bit weird when it comes to gadgets. I tend to fall in love with them, it happened with iPhone and some digital frames I reviewed on my other blog. But I rarely buy any, as I discover I don’t really need them. I am a freak for digital cameras though…As for programs…It’s more like getting to know more about Linux in general and learning a bit about HTML, PHP or Java. But as I lack the time, I doubt anything will happen in the near future.

Q2. I also know you are very interested in tourism. What are the top 5 places you’d recommend visiting in Bucharest?

Bucharest? Well, not your average tourist friendly capital, in my opinion. It lacks promotion mostly. But you have to see the Palace of the Parliament (The People’s House). Some say it’s only huge kitsch, but it is still the second largest building after the Pentagon, so you shouldn’t really miss it. I also recommend the Art Museum, The Cismigiu Park, the Cotroceni Palace (or at least the part of it that is open to visitors) and what’s left of Lipscani (they have recently discovered remains of a church from long ago, so a must see indeed).

Q3. On the topic of travel, what is the ultimate road trip you’d like to take? Who would you take with you?

The ultimate roadtrip? Well, the one I did not take around Europe…Three weeks on the road, with my car, hopping from country to country. I would take D and another 2 friends (if they are up to). Oh, and another condition, there must be a second driver 😀

Q4. Think back 10 years. What were you like in high school? Have you undergone any radical changes since that point in your life?

Hmm. Ten years ago I was just starting high-school. I was in shock after finding out there were 28 other girls in my class and one guy (lucky as I am, I knew him from secondary and totally hated his guts). I was going to Karate classes, reading a lot and generally spend my evenings writing on my novels. I was so far from a girlie girl…I guess I am a bit more feminine right now. And a little wiser, I hope. But other than that, pretty much the same…

Q5. If you had a time machine and could visit any period in history, both past and future, to which year would you go? Why?

Hmm. Japan. About 1300-1400. And try to become a samurai :P. Or Venice of the Middle Ages, because of a certain movie of course. You can guess which movie 🙂

Q6. What are 5 things that never fail to put a smile on your face?

Sunshine, people smiling at me, roses, my mom’s cookies, little children playing.

All of you who are interested, go ahead and comment!

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