It’s been a weird week for me. For some reason, my karma, zen, life force or whatever you want to call it is a bit down. It’s the first time in my life I actually have huge problems facing the heat and I am so tired I only think of my soon to come vacation. 29 days left until then, by the way.

So I have spent these week’s evenings watching movies. The types that best suite me in such moods: comedies and very light and predictable action movies. I will list them all here, in the order of preferences, with a few comments:

  • 10 Things I Hate About You is my number one. Yes, it is my first time seeing it. I wanted to, but never managed to watch it. It is your typical high-school movie with love, betrayal, friendship, but it also has something more that makes it stand out.
  • The Wedding Date is the kind of movie that leaves you with a bit more hope that everything will eventually be alright. It is light and extremely funny at times.
  • License to Wed is worth seeing for one reason only: Robin Williams. The rest of the funny-cheesy situations are also ok, but there’s nothing like a crazy priest spying on the future husband and wife!
  • Stealth is a warplane movie. And I have a think for warplanes. That is why in my 9th grade, when our Geography teacher asked what Mach 1 is, I was the only one with the answer (I had seen a movie about the pilot who first reached Mach 1 a long time ago). Action movie, quite predictable from a certain point. They guy gets the girl in the end.

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