Do you see culture as any manifestation around you? Every song, piece of writing or drawing. Or do you have a more elitist approach to it, as in requiring a certain subjective quality of what you consider culturally relevant. Do you prefer books to movies and if so what type of books? These are questions ones should have a clear answer for before actually talking on public radio. Yes, again, I have something bad to say about Radio Guerrilla.

It is not that I have something against them. They are my favorite radio team, that is why I tend to be a bit harsh with them. I have been thinking of this issue for a while and I am just posting my thoughts only now. When you place yourself in the elitist range, favoring books, theater plays and stating you support quality music, you should be very careful what books you recommend. I have to say half of the movies and shows on TV have the same, or even more, meaning to me than a book written by Merilyn Monroe’s therapist!

Why would you recommend a book written for publicity only, exploiting the secrets and mishaps of a dead star valued for her looks and notorious romantic encounters? Why is it better than any cheesy romantic comedy? Why is it better than a political talk show? It is not! There for do not throw elitist crap at me, as this book will not make me smarter. It is not Freud’s work, it is not a real research either. I’d rather stick to the bad movies on TV, thank you.

I have a preference for a certain kind of books, for theater plays and ballet. I also enjoy movies and trendy songs and I see them all as part of the culture I live in. Which is eclectic, just like me. And I do think you have to know it all to appreciate. No one needs to be a snob and read books alone, good or bad alike, only because it is the thing to do. And to quote my Roman ancestor, de gustibus…you know the rest!

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