I have a huge problem with people forcing me to accept the services they offer. I need to feel free about what I want to buy, it is my decision alone. Therefore, I am leading a personal war against window washers! You all know them, you see them at the traffic lights, coming to you with a bottle of 80% water and 20% detergent (the best cases). If you are not paying attention, they’ll just throw the detergent on your car and start cleaning. And you are left there, making desperate sings and screaming at them to stop.

When it is grown ups, I have no problem honking and making them go away. But when it’s children we’re talking about, it all becomes a huge problem. I feel guilty, because I know they rely o the money they make. They might genuinely need it or be forced to work hard by parents or other caretakers. I still do not want their detergent on my car! I do buy it myself occasionally and only get the good stuff. So why would I need someone to clean my windows when it takes 2 seconds to do it myself with no real effort?

I’d rather they asked for my help. I would help, whenever I could. But having a certain service imposed on me, being forced to pay for something I didn’t want in the first place leaves me full of anger and frustration. Angry at those who are imposing (the grown-ups actually doing it or those forcing children to act like that), angry at the system and myself for not being able to do more…

How would you feel in such a position?

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