Romania is awful. Everything seems to be on halt here. I make too little. I have no future here. I’ll never be able to buy a house here. I really hate it here. Romania sucks. Romanians, I hate those people…

I am so tired of those phrases, I could punch someone just for starting one. Here is the deal folks. If you hate it, what on earth are you still doing it here. Do you think life is greener in another place? Pack your stuff and go. What good would it do to stick around and complain about it everyday?

Some have left and have a good life in another country. Others have left and came back because life here was better for them. But they all tried. If you lack the guts, means or willpower to go, then stop making your life miserable with more complaining. It’s not good for your own health.

I for one am ok with my life right now. But I have this habit to act on my own thoughts. I thought Ploiesti was too small and not good enough for me to study and work there, so I moved to Bucharest. I thought a job was not what I wanted, I changed jobs. I thought I needed more mobility, I invested in a car and laptop, which I am still paying for.

So think long and hard. Decide if what you get someplace else is worth your relocation. Talk to those who have left and like it there and hear out those who have returned and like Romania better. Then decide for yourself. And DO act on it. If you decide on going, start packing. If you decide on staying, stop bitching about your life and country. Not out of love of Romania, but to make your life more pleasant and less miserable.

I for one have decided to concentrate on finishing my education. After that, I would like to have my own business on the side. When I am done with experimenting those, I’ll decide in which country I’ll be living. I can tell you for sure it will not be the US or Canada. Or any extremely cold country 🙂

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