My previous post seems to have left too much room for misinterpretations, so I thought of posting a few clarifications on the matter.

The people the post referred to:

  • Those who keep using the word “shit” when they refer to Romania and Romanians;
  • Those attacking everyone else on false basis (that post was awful, all Romanian journalists can only write about celebrities) and trying to look smarter than others in a strive to promote themselves;
  • Those who complain about everything that exists, but who have never tried to change anything;
  • Those making ridiculous generalizations: all Romanians are stupid/looser/lazy etc (some are, but that is true of all nations)
  • Those thinking the only way to be appreciated is stating they are something other than Romanians. I’d say it is only the easy way!

Things I do not believe in:

  • There is no way to have a good life in Romania unless you have connections or rich parents
  • Everything made by a Romanian in Romania sucks;
  • I have no chances here and no way to go someplace else;
  • Limiting myself to complaining will ever help me.

Yes, many prefer the easy way. I will never promote it though. I choose not to. I choose to ask for more. From me, my friends, those around me, my future and everything I can think of.

Hope this helps 🙂

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