Saturday was my friend’s, Ana, bachelorette party. Not that many girls, just her, Adina and I. Three girls with no idea what they should do. Adina is to be the maid of honor, so she was supposed to plan everything. As a stripper seemed quite lame to her, we eventually decided to do the classic party: club, something to drink, and maybe continue the party at Adina’s place (she has a pool).

Saturday afternoon however, they first thought of going to the seaside, Constanta, Mamaia or some other Black Sea resort. After another 15 minutes, I got a text message from them, asking if I was willing to still go to the Black Sea, but in Bulgaria. I said yes, as it was Ana’s night and she was supposed to love it!

So at about 7 pm we left Bucharest and headed to the Giurgiu – Rousse customs. After some trouble with customs exchange offices being closed, no vignette and getting lost a few times, at about 12.30 we got to Varna, a beautiful city near the black seaside. The girls changed in my car, in the city center as they were dressed way to classy for a walk. We saw some beautiful buildings and ate an amazing icecream. 3 hours later we were in Albena, a very beautiful Bugarian resort, just chillin’ on the beach. At about 4.30 we left Albena and headed for Bucharest.

All in all, it was the perfect bachelorette getaway and I do recommend such trips to anyone. Other useful details can be found below:

  1. If you enter Bulgaria and don’t buy your vignette right there, at the customs, you will only find it in OMV or Shell gass stations. Don’t try to pay with a card, they only take cash for vignettes.
  2. If there are works being performed on the road, expect signs not to have been moved. Trust your orientation skills and hope to not to drive the wrong way for more than 30 kilometers.
  3. When in large cities, don’t expect accurate direction boards telling you how to get to your destinations. You might get mixed signals. Ask around, but don’t count on people knowing foreign languages
  4. Having a second driver is amazing!
  5. Having amazing friends is even better!
  6. Varna, the seaside resorts, Sofia, they are all beautiful cities, at list their centers. The rest can be pretty depressing at times
  7. If for some reason (floods in our case) you are detoured from the main road, expect the worst possible roads and hand-written signs :p

If you needed a party idea, you’ve got one now! It sure beats clubbing!

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