Has any of you seen any movie from the “Saw” series? Or at least heard of them? I have only been told about parts of the movie and have seen a trailer for soon to come “Saw IV”. These movies features such a violence, cruelty and everything bad you can imagine that I am pretty sure they should be forbidden. The 4 minute trailer that I saw managed to bring out everything that was worse in humans.

We went and prohibited cigarette ads on TV. But aren’t we using double standards here? I believe the right approach would be to either ban everything harming people at any level or just stop pretending we care about what is broadcasted. Do you thing having a sign stating cigarette ads should not be watched by minors would help?

I have seen my share of movies with brutal serial criminals. I’d mention Seven and the Millennium series here. But at least there are sane conclusions there! And most of all, the criminal is caught. What happens in Saw? I wouldn’t know, but thinking that Jigsaw kidnaps and tortures people in all movies of the series might get you to my conclusions. There is no real punishment or consequence if he keeps doing it without being caught.

Yes, serial killers are a reality. But is taking such a close look to violence they bear inside and occasionally let out a smart approach? If one person only watches the movies and thinks doing something similar is fun, wouldn’t that be too much to pay for a bad movie? And have you seen the ratings these movies have on IMDB?

I for one believe a person who could think of such a sick script and go ahead and turn it into a movie is not in their right mind. Don’t we care anymore about who sees the movie? About the impact it has? About consequences? With everything available online, do we actually kid ourselves with false illusions of no-minor access to it?

If it were my choice, I would prohibit such movies from general TV channels. They should only be allowed on special channels with secure access. And in the cinemas…well, long after midnight. That would decrease profits enough to decrease interest in making up and producing such sick movies. Till then, do not waste your money on seeing any of these movies. And if you are a fan of downloads, it is really not worth your bandwidth.

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