We all know and enjoy the days when all goes smoothly and we cherish (or forget to) each second for its beauty and fulfilling feeling. But there are also other days. When life becomes one blurry question, when we loose control over situations and facts are simply forced on us. When people are less than willing to act in friendly way besides our best efforts to make them feel welcome and at ease. When those we work with act unprofessionally, proving to be narrow minded and shallow.

Yes, getting what we wish for is not always easy. Sometimes dreams are crushed and we are down on our knees, wondering why on earth such things happen to us. Is it well deserved? Should we have seen it coming? What should we do then?

The first thing would be to finally understand there is no one best suited then ourselves to drag us out from unwanted situations, to dream and fight for what we dream of. Then, we should turn to the warm souls willing to help us share our desires and maybe put their minds to finding a way to make it all possible.

Turning to the magical things that happen around us will also turn out to be useful in making us stop obsessing about ultimately unimportant issues. And if you are not doing enough to keep your mind busy and to try making yourself feel better again, then accept a writing challenge and try putting into words everything you feel trapped inside your soul and mind. Now, would you like to retry? I know I would.

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