Dear friends,

After a 2 and a half hours WizzAir flight, we arrived in Dortmund (two days ago). We then headed to the Central Station to get our tickets for our train ride to Alkmaar. It took us about an hour to get there, with some help from a Turkish guy who had also traveled from Bucharest.

At the station, we got our tickets (round trip) and got into the first train which left in 10 minutes. We changed trains three times and about five hours later we were in Alkmaar, greeted by Trisi and Gokhan. And our adventure in Alkmaar has started. With plans to also see Amsterdam, Hoorn and Haga.

Day one of visiting Alkmaar has also turned me into a crazy-for-shopping type of woman. I found a lot of stuff that fit me perfectly and I also bought a few things for D. Oh, and did I mention I love Dutch cheese, and Danish blue, and the bread here. And most importantly, Trisi is an amazing cook.

We’ve seen the Cheese Market (but we need to also see the show on Friday morning), the Big Church (which is indeed huge), a lot of boats and bicycles, wonderful terraces and houses with a really interesting architecture.

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