As yesterday was our first day back at work, D and I decided to have a quiet evening at home. So after a quick dinner, we treated ourselves to two movies. We started with a comedy, I Could Never Be Your Woman, starring an actress I like, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Light, funny, not the best ever, but good to get you to think a bit about what is natural or normal and what not. The type of movie where the villain get caught, where envy and greed cannot go unpunished, with a cheesy happy end, exactly what I needed to relax.

As we were not feeling really tired, we moved on to the second movie, featuring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. It is called The Painted Veil.

An entirely different kind of movie. About loving and forgiving, about misjudgments and the frailty of human life and happiness. A story taking place in China, showing both the crazy life on English citizens in Shanghai and the misery and internal conflicts of the further regions.

I have to tell you something: I cry at movies. At this one brought so many tears in my eyes I could not believe it. But it was worth every one of them and every moment of the time spent watching it. As it reminds of us some crucial issues, such as getting to know those around us and getting to know what we really need in order to be happy.

Well, enjoy both of them! And if you mix them, as I did, I honestly don’t know which order is better.

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