When Metrorex, the Romanian company managing metro/underground trains, introduced the shinny and modern subway trains that are now quite common on some routes, they equipped them with a quite a few security guards. Now, my understanding of what these guards do is quite limited. When they are not waiting for time to pass, half asleep, the have three major objectives:

– make sure you do not keep your back pack on your back. Why? I asked and they said it damages the plastic chairs.
– make sure they come and question everyone getting in the train to late and thus causing the doors to reopen. Usually, the trains close their door way too soon. In my opinion of course. And I have to say I’ve seen a man kicked out of the train by three angry security guards for such an offense.
– last but not least important, give an angry look to all those pressing the alarm button by mistake. It sometimes happens because the crouds pushes them against these buttons or because the driver finds it appropriate to push the breaks suddenly, or because they are so well placed, hitting them by mistake is quite easy.

What happens though when some young man suddenly starts to scream and swear his heart out? Nothing, there is no security guard there and we all have to take it with no additional comments. So are they there to bully people around or to actually make us feel safe and protected? I’d say bullying is much easier, so it’s also an understandable purpose. Or isn’t it?

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