It’s been reading and watching movies lately. So I thought I’ll share a few thoughts on the books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen. I’ll start with the books.

Frédéric Beigbeder – L’amour dure trois ans (Love Lasts Three Years). Interesting view on things, on what’s important and what not, on how things tend to fade away, about loneliness and how some deal with it. The theory is partially contradicted in the end. But the chances are 50-50. In the end, it all depends on how much we invest, or this is what I think, at least.

Mircea Eliade – The Island of Euthanasios. A collection of essays and articles published in the thirties, before he left Romania for good. It is a good way to learn how little I know, how much there still is for me to read and how little I generally am. Such books always motivate me to learn more, see more, experience more.

Albert CamusLe Premier Homme (The First Man). An amazing story, partly autobiographical, unfinished. I wish he could finish it…

I learned to love Camus in my senior year of high-school thanks to an extraordinary French teacher. School is starting soon. Today I think. Notebooks, books, pens and pencils everywhere. I miss those times, when everything was so easy, less complicated, fun and full of dreams, all complete, before some got shattered. Enough of melancholy, let’s move on to movies.

Becoming Jane – another proof of how shallow my knowledge is. I’ve read two of her books and have seen several movies but had no idea of her life. Sad movie, yet full of courage. She did end up alone, but she still was not trapped into an unwanted marriage. She managed to live by her pen. Knowing how it all ended and what she thought of books (that they should tell the truth), I admire her choice of giving others hope by choosing happy endings. I’ve heard some not-so-charming reviews. But I was trapped by the story behind the movie therefore I am a bit biased.

Hairspray Funny, predictable, I don’t really understand the IMDB rating. It’s pretty nice to watch though. And it was quite interesting to see John Travolta as a woman.

But I must confess that my ultimate treat was the second part of Grey’s Anatomy, season 3. Yes, I am addicted to this series.

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