Radio 21 is a local radio station. Nothing special here. Not until they invented the “Blind Wedding” (Nunta pe NeVe). So they choose a the perfect bride, then 5 potential grooms and the bride to be decides who to ask to marry her. Isn’t everything wrong in this picture?

Maybe I am outdated or limited or not open minded enough, but I don’t see how two people getting to know each other during live radio shows (where they’d naturally showoff, tell a lie or two, impress the audience etc) stand a chance. According to Radio 21 they will see each other for the first time at the City Hall. If they say yes, they get a lot of goodies. If they say no, they still get a party.

Now my question is the following: what if they say yes and in about a month realize the other one’s personality is nothing but a big fat lie? Will Radio 21 be by their side when they handle the disappointment and the messy divorce? I say marrying someone you don’t actually know is crazy. And coming from Romanians, of which a lot are against arranged marriages and brides met during the wedding ceremonies, it’s also a picture of our falseness.

Take any of these women and ask them if they’d marry a guy without knowing him. Most of them would say no. Give them a big fat wedding, some more prizes, make them “stars” and give them the impression they are queens men want to please and they go for it. Hundreds of them! I am not sure if this is an upgrade or downgrade from having “trophy wife” as a goal in life.

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