Whenever I read the first part of Mircea Cartarescu‘s trilogy “Orbitor” (translated as Glaring on Wikipedia, but I’m not sure how good a translation it is or how strong the “blinding” aspect is), something weird happens. It almost feels like Aripa Stanga – the Left Wing – has some magical powers.

The first time I read it, about 3 or 4 year ago, I reached the point where an albino black man was introduced. Not quite common, but even less common in the Romanian scenery. There are quite a few in Bucharest, most of them students. But I have never seen and albino black man in person. So imagine my surprise when lifting my eye from the book, while reading about that powerful man, to see one next to me in the tram! I thought it was nothing, just a strange coincidence.

Then today, before leaving home, I was reading about a ring with a butterfly on it. In the bathroom of the restaurant I ate with D and my mom I found a ring with a butterfly that someone had forgotten there. I smiled and took it to one of the waitresses.

Now these might not seem much to you, but it did to me. I guess anything allowing me to unleash my imagination and create complicated scenarios that link me to things and people elsewhere is welcomed. It is a way to escape from the day to day routine and to day dream a bit, if you like. No matter what the reason, it made me feel less ordinary, like something spectacular was happening to me. And amazing things do happen to me, quite often. And I am grateful for each and every one of them.

Enough ranting for a Sunday night! Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, everyone, and dream a little!

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