Some of you know that I am a quite big fan of Radio Guerrilla. Mostly because of their choice in music and also because I love their shows. But because of the morning show crew and especially because of their behavior this morning, I’m seriously thinking of sticking to music only.

Let me tell you why. They spent 5 minutes making fun of gay men. 5 minutes of cheap jokes early in the morning when EVERYBODY can tune in and listen. Then they complained that Romanians are intolerant and some hot shots stated they’d like to kill homosexuals. Excuse me, but wasn’t what you just did highly intolerant??? Wake up people! Lately you are not that smart and certainly not that open minded! Change topics or at least have the decency not to accuse others when you are doing the same thing. Or better yet, at times, just turn the music on and shut up for a change!

I cannot even begin to explain how disappointed I am. Other morning shows follow even worse trends, as they are cheap or lure people with money to do something completely crazy and stupid. And Guerrilla had the only morning show I could actually listen to without getting annoyed. And now they had to also change that.

Oh, and by the way. Your “Let’s talk about DEX” contest is not necessarily rewarding people that know stuff. They can always use DEX Online 🙂

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