Yes, I had promised before that I will catch up with blogging, that I will catch up with comments I’ve been meaning to post on skimmed posts, but were unable to. Why? We had a seminar organized at our company. And it finally happened yesterday. I handled a lot of stuff, from caterer and helping arrange the room, to handling prints and guests and putting together a nice informative kit to greet them with. We also had a press release (Romanian and English) drafted by us and approved by our partner who was co-organizer for this event. Oh, and I also got this amazing photographer for us 🙂 No site yet for him, but it’s coming 😛

I am happy to say that no one (except yours truly who is a perfectionist) modified anything in my English version. Which was really cool. What else this event meant? Oh, staying in the office until late in the evening with Cris Z, discovering last minute flaws and correcting them, getting up at six and arriving in the office at 7am on the day of the seminar and all that. But it all went well, I left earlier (at about 4) and went out with Zu to get some pizza as I was practically starving by then.

Those coming to the seminar were all from IT departments of important companies and I loved that they were interested in our presentations and some of them asked really good questions. We will probably organize another one soon, but not this year. And that is my little update for now. I hope there will be no more breaks in my daily blogging routine I am trying to get back to 🙂 Have fun you all!

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