Right brain, left brain, logic or emotions, the never-ending debate. But in the end emotions are important when it comes to buying a certain brand and marketing experts do know how to make use of those latent emotions. Because the ads that stay with us are not those who sell the cheapest product, but those who sell our own way of living, or the one we aspire to.

For example, Coca-Cola has turned me into its obedient “follower”. I quit drinking Coke a while ago, but I can still easily connect with their message. And I’d like to go buy some, although after you quit drinking it for long enough, you start wondering why you loved it in the first place. It’d never happen with Pepsi though. Especially after their new Pepsi Max commercials! Although they did open my eyes. I had no idea men, especially young ones, wanted to be turned into a sexual object that bad! And here are the rest of us, striving for the exact opposite!

The same for the Zaraza brandy. I hate brandy, I really cannot drink it. Still, they have a campaign praising values such as culture, adventure, and wanting to have more than material things. I wouldn’t drink it, but it would make a good gift in the future.

Or my all time favorite slogan: “I would rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity”. It is a Stella Artois slogan. And I liked it a lot better than their funny ads.

Some think that a brand can actually stand the test of might when it can get its “followers” to have it tattooed on their skin. Just like Harley Davidson does.

So I ask you. Is there one brand you’d choose for a tattoo? I guess I’d have a Dune tattoo for a couple of months 🙂

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