Some of us don’t work from home and do not have their own companies. We work for our employers, along with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of others. So let us take a test to find out more about who we are and who our co-workers are.

Of the people you work with, with how many do you talk on a daily basis? How about on a weekly basis? How many of them do you actually know, beyond their name and position? How many have you been out with and can call your friends. How many, if they started working in a different place, would you miss?

And now, the really tough question: why should you care? Well, the answer to this one is actually simple: take a good look around you as these are the people that you spend most of your life with. About 9 hours every day, that is, 5 days a week. No one gets to see you more. I try to know more about most of the people I work with because I think it would really suck to spend most of my life among strangers.

On a different approach, if you believe one chooses where to work, based on values and beliefs, you already have something in common with those you work for. Yes, you might leave, it might be hard to do so it everyone there is your friend, but think of it like this: you will have more friends to strive to make time for in your short hours of time for yourself. So, do you know who got married recently? Who has a bigger family now? Who’s celebrating their birthday this week?

At the company I work for, we celebrate each birthday. A short get together where we enjoy cookies and some juice. It’s relaxing, it’s fun, it’s friendly and I love it.

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