I love Jodie Foster. That’s why I was so keen on seeing her new movie, The Brave One. And now I have to wonder. Does it send out the right message? Cause I have serious doubts.

WARNING!!! If you want to see the movie and not have me spoil the ending for you, then don’t read!

The movie tells the story of a woman that has to recover from a serious trauma: she and her fiance are attacked and beaten. The fiance is killed while she spends long weeks in the hospital. Foster’s character, Erica Bain, does a wonderful job at depicting the fear that comes after such a terrible experience. For quite a while, she is even afraid to go out on the street in broad daylight.

Then she illegally buys a gun. And faith brings here close to dangerous people, murderers, thieves and rapists. She kills them all and saves a girl in the process. She even kills those who had beaten her and murdered her boyfriend. Nothing very wrong with this picture, we all know fear, revenge and everything evil can happen to us one day, no one is safe and resisting the temptation is more difficult than one could imagine from the outside.

But she suffers no consequences. She gets away with acting like a vigilante. And it’s one thing to see this in movies like Spiderman or Superman or when it comes to other superheroes, and a very different thing to see it in a movie such as The Brave One. What is the message? Anyone can take justice on their own hands and to the police’s work better, then get away with it? That is simply not right. What will happen if every victim would go buy a gun and then start shooting people around?

We have no right to judge others. We have no right to play executioners. Or tell other people it’s ok if they do so! If they are careful, they might get away with it! Just this time, I expected something else from Jodie Foster…Because from what I could tell about the post-trauma Erica Bain from the movie, there is no guarantee she won’t kill again and again. Which indeed, makes her no better than her aggressors. No one has the right to play with lives.

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