Yes, I am guilty of really neglecting my blogs and my list of daily reads…I apologize. The reason is work. We’ve been all busy with a press conference we’ve organized for a pretty important announcement. I won’t say to much about the actual announcement, you can all read it here.

But I have to tell you I’m really happy with how it all went. It was the first press conference I co-organized and the results are pretty amazing. Although I was a bit stressed and I was always paying way too much attention to all details. There’s also downside and it’s represented by some journalists. I really fail to understand why some are so keen on using bombastic headlines when the news under the headline tells a different story. I learned that if the headline makes the audience expect a specific piece of information that is not delivered afterwards, the headline should not be used. Maybe things have changed in some respects. But I doubt it’s ok to publish inaccurate information.

Anyway, I hope my blog will never experience such a complete lack of updates. Or that at least it won’t happen very soon 🙂 Nice to be back and nice to see you all again!

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