I started to work with Top Hosting Center a while ago, after joining their affiliates program. They had a nice offer that Mig told me about. What they offered seemed pretty awesome. I spent a while researching a bit, and it’s actually true, you can’t find a better offer than theirs.

In the mean time, someone actually bought a hosting plan from them after seeing the ad on this blog. I’d like to thank that person for choosing to buy from here. And I’d really like to know what he or she thinks.

You guys probably are wondering why I am talking about a product I’ve never tried. Well, I was planning to buy they’re hosting plan. But the daily routine managed to delay it for about a month or so. And it was a lucky delay. Cause I got a Rudolf plan!

Basically, the Rudolf plan is like the deer. When he grew up, his red nose made him top dog, he got to be the first one to lead Santa. So the plan comes with everything nice that THC has to offer, plus one extra ingredient: you never have to renew your plan! Now, never is a relative term, but if we say 10, 20 years. Even 5. You still have the cheapest plan ever.

I’m quite happy now that I have it. I’ve registered another domain, hush-hush business, I’ll tell you more about it later on. And I will soon move this blog to my new hosting plan. Up to now, my experience with THC made me proud of having chosen their affiliate program. My chat with their online support and the speed at which they got everything done made me appreciate them even more.

I’ll let you know how the moving process goes.

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