Loredana has tagged me a while ago to tell you what books I’ve been reading. Given that I haven’t managed to finish a book in weeks (too busy, too tired and other excuses), I will tell you what books I’m trying to read these days 🙂

I’ve read through about half of Mircea Cartarescu second book of the Orbitor(Glaring) series, Corpul (The Body). Amazing as the first one, however I feel I need to be less preoccupied when reading it, I need to free my mind first and apparently, I haven’t really managed to do so lately…

I’m also reading Joe Marconi’s Public Relations: The Complete Guide. Yes, work related, still a great read.

And the last one from my collection of hardly finished books, Elif Shafak’s novel The Bastard of Istanbul. Very catchy story, interesting style, but I’ll tell you more when I finish reading it.

There is something I have to say about the Romanian translation of this book. A little lesson for Ada Tanasa. In English, when you have a foreign word, like Turkis “dolma”, you can easily get a plural by adding an “s”: “dolmas”. When you get the book, written in English, and translate it into Romanian, you either cut the “s” all together, or use the Turkish plural, “dolmalar”. Maybe miss or misses Tanasa should have read a little about the Turkish language or culture before writing the book or asked for help, I am sure Polirom has Turkish-to-Romanian translators!

In the end, I have to tag some people…Mig would be the first, as I am really curious what she’s reading these days, Bro, to make him write on his blog and Safiya, to return a favor 🙂 Of course, anyone feeling like sharing their reading list is welcome!

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