When it comes to marketing tools and especially to documents (articles, white-papers, flyers, brochures etc), a lot of people still think whatever they come up with can fit in any usage scenario. What you use for end users works for system administrators also. What you send to department managers also work for CEOs. What works for IT companies also works for car manufacturers.

Well, this is never true. Not even if you sell bread. As some might care about how natural it is, while others are interested in its number of calories. The audience, the target group, those you want to reach, how ever you choose to name the “who”, never forget him/her/them. Who they are shapes how you say or do things. Because you want to hit the bull’s eye, not somewhere close by.

I believe it is always better to send out a message designed for 200 people and reach 150 of them then to send one designed for 500 and reach about 100. I’d rather think of two such messages and reach 300 of them.

But apparently I am not part of a large group. Those thinking the exact opposite seem to come in greater numbers. So I’m addressing you, those reading with an open mind, and telling you the audience matters. A lot! When you try to do something marketing or PR wise, first ask yourself who you want to reach, then think of what you can tell them. Not everything you want to tell them might actually be of interest.

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