Before moving, I always had a book with me. As I traveled a lot by underground trains, I had a lot of reading time (at least one hour a day) to enjoy. There were quite a few books I carried around for weeks, but at least managed to finish them.

Everything changed when I moved. My daily trip to the office and back takes about 10 minutes with the tram. So it was really too short for reading. I gave up carrying books with me. The result? I was feeling quite sad. My time for reading was limited even before moving, and it was shrinking more.

You can imagine my happiness when realizing that if I also count the time I spend waiting for the tram, I can get to at least 30 minutes of reading each day! It’s not much, I know, but it’s still something. And those 5 pages I read before work really have a great impact on my day. They make it a lot better! And I don’t know due to what mystery, I also seem to find more time for reading when I’m at home.

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