As you all know, I’ve been promising and promising my blog will finally be transfered from GoDaddy to THC. I finally managed to do so, thus the lack of GoDaddy ads. The transfer took five days, and for backup reasons, I chose not to blog that much. It was mostly for nothing, as the transfer did not go that smoothly.

Actually it went bad, especially after the mess WordPress did with its own exported file with posts and comments. When I uploaded it, I had no categories, no headlines and it was all a mess. Therefore, if you’ve linked to some of my posts, the links might no longer work. Some of the headlines are definitely changed, as I couldn’t remember them all. The photos are also pretty much gone 🙁

Still, I have a big thank-yous to say every day for a while now to Eric from THC and to Mig. They both helped me a lot in the process. The look of WOBM will of course be different soon enough, as this is just and intermediary solutions.

I do apologize for my absence and hope you guys will be back to read the posts and comment, after this long update time-out and after having the whole blog down for about 2 days. I am happy I transfered it, as it turns out everything will be better!

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