Did all of you know Mig was the greatest? Well, I am saying it again. And will keep on saying it for a long while now. Why?

  1. She can put up with me in my “DeeDee” moments
  2. She knows so much about wordpress, seo, html etc
  3. She does things out of sheer goodness
  4. She’s got a really cool voice on the phone 😛

Well, as you can all see, my blog has a new theme up and running. Mig is responsible for most of the customization work, I stood in her way all the time and…messed up things a bit :)) Also did minor adjustments when she was not around to stop me 😀

So, thank you so much for your help, Mig, for the award you made my day with and generally for being yourself 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy WOBM’s new home and design.

See more WOBM news here. Have fun,


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