December is that special time of year when everyone starts to think about everything that happened in the past year and to also make plans for the next one. And something always happen when we think about the year to come: we think it is going to bring us more, to be more happy and overall better.

Given it’s already mid-December, Bogdan’s question about my plans for 2008 is kind of a natural question. But I have not had enough time to think of every thing carefully. So here are some random wishes, expectations and targets for 2008.

First of all, I hope to finally take my license exam at FJSC. I postponed it for way too long as it is. I can’t really let it linger forever, hoping it will go away, can I? Seriously, not finishing this makes me more miserable than the tiredness and extra stress it brings, therefore it’s a quite logical decision.

Secondly, I plan to have a little company on the side sometime next year. That’s still pretty hush-hush. So don’t ask for details, I won’t give them until I finish the FJSC thingie 🙂

I also hope the work related plans for 2008 don’t change and I get to see 3 more continents. In theory, I’ve been in the Asian part of Istanbul, so 2 more would be more appropriated. But 3 sounds better!

I wish to see my friends more often. That’s something that’s really missing at the moment. We are all busy and have hectic lives, but I feel I haven’t tried enough. I think I can do better and I hope I manage to.

I wish to have more time to read and to do the little things I love, like taking trips and photos and going to concerts. But above all, I hope my relationship with D remains as wonderful as it is right now. I hope we’ll keep loving each other, taking dancing lessons and have fun together. Because the stress, problems and work issues are not such a big deal when you have someone to support you when you need it mostly and that part we’ve got figured out by now.

What do you wish for the new year to bring?

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