During this specifically crazy time of year, when everybody has to do a lot of things, when deadlines crush you, numbers give you head aches and planning and strategy keep you awake, Mig was thoughtful and sweet enough (as she usually is) to remind me how important it is to be nice, by making me blush a lot with the Nice Matters award. I’d like to first thank her for her constant support, for the jokes and fun times that we’ve shared and generally for being Mig 🙂

Nice Matters

I always try to be nice to those around me. I don’t always succeed, but every time I feel I could have done more or acted differently, I make mental notes of being a better person the next time. I also love nice people, as I am sure we all do. See, this trait of humans is really crucial to me. Why? Because daily nonsense is enough as it is, because things will go wrong at a certain moments and because we cannot be permanently happy. Why then would we make each other feel worse when so much good comes from one genuine smile?

As I have to pass on this award, I realize it has to be a limited list of people. I’d give it back to Mig, but that would put the award in quite a loop and she already knows I love her 🙂 So, the Nice Matters Award goes to :

Bart – who has always been around when I needed him and who always has some nice thoughts to share. He simply knows how to make people feel better. I wish I am able to repay him with the same kind of support whenever he needs it.

Sarah – my old blogger friend who I miss talking on a more regular basis, but who is always there.

Tota – who has given my a lot of support during some nasty nights and who, although going through a very difficult and painful moment, still found time to reply comments and emails.

Zu – my daily dose of optimism, my preferred source for good books, nice music and interesting online reads.

Liz Strauss – for here extreme niceness and for being wonderful at making people feel at home.

And little bro Ryan – for his warm soul and all the times he was there for me.

And I could go on for quite a while here, but I cannot choose my whole blogroll (you can visit each and every one of these bloggers if you want to get to know them). Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being nice!


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