Time: 8.10 am. Temperature: minus some centigrades. Speed of my car: about 20 km per hour. Road: icy.

And I almost killed someone. Old lady, barely walking. With ice on the road, she just started crossing the street, no traffic light, no marking, no nothing. She just did not look and crossed. Thank God for the ABS and low speed. Thank God I have enough brains and driving experience to know ice means driving with the speed of a snail!

I barely stopped in time. I was scared like crazy. I thought nasty and mean things of her. And shouted something like: “If you don’t care if you live or not, at least think about the life you could have ruined”. She did not hear me, the window was shut. I still feel bad and a bit scared.

It would have not been my fault. It would have still meant severe injury (given age and general state of health) or, God forbid, death. I would have had to live with that for the rest of my life. I wish people would stop to think more often…

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