2007 has definitely been the year with the largest numbers of trips outside Romania. I started it in Istanbul, visiting Kiz Kulesi and saying my good-byes to this city laying on two continents. Four months later I was visiting Greece (mostly Athens) for the first time. It took a long drive to get there and an even longer one to get back, but it’s been really, really amazing!

While these two trips were quite short (3-4 days each), I then moved to a different level: nine days in the beautiful Netherlands! While there, I met Trisi and Bart in person and visited Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Hoorn and the Hague. And had a grand finale of 3 days in Bulgaria, laying in the sun.

As the winter holiday is almost here, another trip is due. Turkey, Istanbul, again. Same incredible hotel as last year. More amazing places to visit. Different friends to show them to.

But I have a feeling 2008 will be even better. Although there will be a lot of business traveling involved, I am supposed to see the US, Canada, Spain, France and the UK, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, Egypt (yes, Cairo :D), Dubai and Johannesburg. I know bloggers in most of these countries. I hope I get to meet you all! 🙂

Meet you there?

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