Dear all,

First of all, please forgive me for my prolonged absence, for keeping relatively quiet for so long and abandoning my blogs the way I did. Believe me, I had serious reasons for it, but I somehow still feel the need to apologize.

It all started on Christmas (actually little before it). I got an awful cold and stayed in bed till leaving for Istanbul with D, Silviana and Cris Z. The 3 and a half days we spent in Istanbul were a little bit tiring, but amazing! We saw Topkapi together with the Harem, went to Kiz Kulesi and had tea near the Marmara sea, went up into the Galata Tower, the girls saw the Blue Mosque (I had another high fever and went home).

At the strike of midnight, in the first few seconds of 2008, D proposed to me! I got an amazing diamond ring that I loved so much he bought it for me. He got the ring after I tried it, but I had no idea when exactly he was going to propose. It was all kind of awkward, as we had discussed it before and decided to get married on June 5th, 2010. Yes, I know it’s 2 years and a half from now. And no, it won’t be sooner 🙂 We won’t change our minds till then 😉

Shortly after leaving Istanbul, a few hours after going into Bulgaria, the nightmare started. To sum it up: 560 km driving through the blizzard with a car that even with chains on the wheels could not face such a weather; a little of track incident that scared the hell out of me; having both chains blocked on the front wheels one after the other; calling 112 (Romanian version of 911) to get help; having a police car drive in front of us till the first gas station; waiting for 2 and a half hours for my dad to come pick us up.

It’s all ok now, went and talked to the police, got the car back to Bucharest, am going to the insurance company and the repair shop tomorrow, will work hard for a better car 🙂 It all had a pretty heavy impact on my mind. And now, at 25, I am going through a fear of the dark period 🙂 Seriously, I need the lights on at all times (when it’s getting dark outside). I also need to always be doing something, otherwise the blizzard is all I can see and think of.

D. has been amazing through all of this. So have been Cris and Silviana. Still, our priorities and views on life have changed a bit. Oh, and from now on, I will go by plane in my winter trips! Not the safest means ever, still, a lot safer!

Lots of love to you all and all the best in the new year. I still am convinced it will be a better and amazing one for all of us!


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