Under-appreciation, especially when coming from those who are supposed to motivate us, can be a powerful drawback. No matter how strong, determined, focus and confident a person is, long exposure to such ill feelings may lead to anger, self-doubt, unnecessary stress and other such demotivators. When I found myself in such a troubling situation, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to overcome such a drawback. Was it a deal-breaker or not? I’d like to share my thinking list with you and maybe work on improving it 🙂

1. Start with the evidence: your results 🙂 Are they indeed so poor as to justify your managers’ and colleagues attitude towards you and your work? If we’re talking under-appreciation, they most certainly don’t!

2. Ask yourself if you have presented your results for what they are. Although the company chose you because they considered you a valuable employee, you still need to market yourself most of the times.

3. Try to focus on those giving you proper credit. Colleagues, partners and distributors, former employers, those who know you and your skills.

4. Remember we are all humans, imperfect beings and sometimes, imperfect professionals. Motivating people, recognizing their efforts is not something everyone is good at.

5. Analyze the nature of the phenomenon: is it a constant attitude towards your work or an occasional one. Try to find out the causes in each situation.

6. Decide whether the issue bothering you at the time is serious enough to make you start searching for a new job.

7. Trust your knowledge, your abilities and your instincts.

Have you ever experienced this type of situation? If so, how did you handle it?

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