I thought I’d start the week on a lighter note and give you all a reason to forget about how nasty Mondays are and pick another day to hate. Let’s see how this works!

We have a nice coffee machine at work. You feed it coins and bills, it uploads caffeine into your organism. A few cups a day, enough to help you keep your eyes open. Cause you need that coffee! Bad as it is, it’s drinkable and we all need it more and more to stay awake.

I used to be like that. Drink some coffee at home, after waking up. The good stuff! Then go to work and drink some more of the worse stuff. I actually thought I needed it! Until Ana, the youngest member of my team, discovered the milk with chocolate our machine makes. Nothing complicated, first if pours some milk into the plastic cup, then ads some hot chocolate and there you go!

It is sweet, tasty and reminds me of my childhood. It makes us smile more and we forget about our all-grown-up-drink, coffee. It makes us enjoys our breaks more. Not because it’s the best hot drink you’ve ever had, but because we have it for different reasons: we actually like it! It’s not because we live under the false impression we need it to get through our day.

So my Mondays start classically: I power my laptop, read my 20 something emails after digging them from the 500 new spams I got, plan my day and my week and then stop by for a cup of milk with chocolate! It’s a great start! That and reading the daily newspaper horoscope that is never even close?

Care to join me for a cup?


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