I have weird linking patterns. I never link to what I should, I link to what I like, admire, appreciate, find interesting or funny. I don’t expect links back, but if they come, I surely appreciate them. Especially when they are from people I like, admire, look up to, find deliriously right and amusing.

I use LinkedIn because it is a nice place to find professional and business information easily. I use FaceBook to connect to friends not using other means anymore. And I’ve just fallen in love with StumbleUpon because it’s really a great way to keep up with new blogs, sites, photos and articles I come across and find to be a must share.

Or at least this is how it all started. Then I noticed the increased traffic, the huge piles of great pieces of information waiting for me to discover them, the large number of interesting people that I could connect with. It can all lead to building great relationship, to better promoting yourself and your work, and apparently sometimes it all leads to successful B2B marketing.

Take a few moments of your time to read a few tips on how to make the best out of StumbleUpon. When it comes to LinkedIn, you’ve got a dedicated blog and book to help you out! As social media optimization is firstly about learning how to use the tools that have already been created, we should get started!

Anyone care to recommend some similar articles on delicious, digg (with all the “it started to suck big time” comments), flickr and whatever else you find of interest?

Thanks for playing,


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