When you’re very young, your parents are your primary source of knowledge. They teach you how to eat, speak, walk, dance, play certain games, read, count, and so on. In my case, parents remain an inexhaustible source or amazement and learning. They teach me by what they say and even more by what they do. Let’s see how that works:

  • My mom is turning 56 next month. She’ll also be finishing a Master’s program this year.
  • My dad is one year older. Two years ago, after a few decades of working as an industrial chemistry expert for the same refinery (communist legacy of having the same job most of your life), decided he’s had enough and changed jobs. He is now learning more about how valuable he is to his company and about all the other options he has.
  • His wife is about 40 and started going to college last year. We now discuss her Marketing, Maths and Microeconomics exams 🙂

So what’s stopping the rest of the world from doing what they love, learning something new, taking a different path, making their dream come true? Nothing, actually!

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