I’ve been keeping my eye on PR blogs and PR topics for quite a while now. What troubled me most were conversations starting with how some PR people are completely unprofessional and degenerating into defining what PR was NOT about. Unfortunately, all that was excluded, such as customer care, are actually under the large umbrella you can think of to better picture public relations. I won’t give names and links, as it is better not to spread more gasoline on the existing fire.

So I thought it was high time for a list-like reminder of what areas and functions PR covers (as stated by Joe Marconi in Public Relations – The Complete Guide):

  • communications
  • community relations
  • customer relations
  • consumer relations
  • employee relations
  • investor relations
  • industry relations
  • international relations
  • issues management
  • media relations
  • member relations
  • press agentry
  • promotions
  • publicity
  • public affairs
  • shareholder relations
  • speech writing
  • visitor relations

I hope this helps build a broader view on public relations for all of us.

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