Words of a Broken Mirror was created three years ago on a nice and pinkish (at that time) Blogger template. It then moved here, bit by bit, thanks to Trisi, who thought of this great gift for me on my name’s day, who developped the WOBM logo and then patiently put up with all my changes requests, thanks to Mig who got me this cool theme and tuned it, and of course to all of you who come to read my posts, comment and who support me.

When I got this domain, I first thought of keeping both blogs and trying to publish as often as possible. However, this endeavor turned to be far too time consuming, therefore I started thinking of a different approach. And what better day that today to stop posting on the old blog? A great occasion for a proper goodbye post!

This was not an easy move, as there were so many memories and people connected to my old blog. But I’m sured I took all the best of WOBM here with me, in our new blogging home. Three years of blogging is quite something in this world of dissapearing blogs. I’ve seen great pages being shut down, left for the ghosts to walk around. I still miss online friends that I no longer get to talk to. If I wish for something in my fourth year of blogging, it’s to see less of the blogs I love disappear!

Please join the party, have a piece of cake, drop a comment or an email and let’s have some fun!

Bloggyversary Cake



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