Picture this! You find out about or stumble upon a really great new blog. You read a few articles and really like them. One of them is actually on a topic you’ve heard of before and were anxious to talk about with someone else. So you go to the comment box and try to post your thoughts. And then it happens: you’re asked to sign in. No matter how cool the blog is, your online time is still limited, creating accounts leads to profiles and to other steps you have to skip. What do you do? Sing in or click away?

I usually click away. If the blog really interests me, I’ll add it to my reader, but I won’t comments, so half of what’s so great about blogs, instant conversation, exchanging opinions and building connections, is completely lost. So here’s a list of reasons not to ask your readers to sign in before commenting:

  1. You waste to much of their time. Yes, they only have to register once, but given yours is not the only blog they’ll ever discover, overall it’s too much.
  2. While worrying about the password and ID and possibly confirming they account, they might be loosing interest in the actual comment and just click away.
  3. It makes you look lazy as moderating comments is not that difficult, especially if you have the additional plugins. The alternative is that you give yourself way too much importance, and in some cases that’s worse.
  4. Because it is quite annoying at times.

Conclusion: I really don’t want to create profiles for half the blogs I interact with. And I am not alone. So I recommend moderation instead wih all my heart 🙂

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