Whenever I am tagged, it’s during a crazy period. So all the tag posts I ever write need to start with an apology. Yet I am sure Phil won’t be very disappointed in my making him wait for so long before completing this task that required a lot search through my “quote notebooks”. This meme is about sharing a little bit of your soul with those who are part of your life (be it online or offline) through quotes that have caught your eye and became part of you from then on. The road this meme took and the entries it generated are amazing! Start at Phil’s and keep on reading back and forth.

“It’s amazing what can be achieved through courtesy, friendliness and good humor” – Michael Cayne – People Photography

First of all, I should try to tell you who is in my life. That is such a tough thing to do. I could direct you to half of my blogroll, that would be easy. But it would take ages to get you introduces to all my friends who against my best efforts are still not in my online world. If they ever join us, I’ll make sure to let you know. In the blogging world…well, the list keeps growing! Some have left and there are occasional emails. Some, such as Bart and Mig, have been around for quite a while and are so close to my heart I cannot even begin to describe how much they mean to me. Others, such as Zu, I have known for a shorter while but I feel we can keep building on our relationship.

“A person should love the life he has chosen enough to call it his own in the end” – Orhan Pamuk, The White Castle

Some I’ve already had the pleasure to meet in person, others I know I will, and then there are those like Liz who I’ll probably meet and can’t wait to do so. So keep your fingers crossed! Each day we share thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences. It’s a unique type of closeness that’s worth nurturing and treasuring. So when choosing what to show and tell this time, I tried to look for something special, for passages that I loved so much I simply had to write down.

“A person should either correct a painful situation or get away from it” – Buket Uzuner, Mediterranean Waltz

In the end, I’d like to share with you some thoughts of mine I ran across while choosing my quotes. I don’t remember when exactly I wrote this, but I know it was something that struck me while reading, so it was hidden between quotes from the novel I was trying to finish at that time. As for tags, I tag all those who read this and think it’s something worth exploring.

I turn the pages as I want to turn thoughts. Away of what’s not important to me anymore. leave it all behind. Put it in its little memory drawer and let its share of dust fall on it. Simple! Then watch every bit as you would look through an old photo album. Some feelings, but still in the past, not part of the future anymore.


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