As some of you already know, I decided to switch from blogrolls and bookmarks to a RSS reader to help me keep track of the blogs I read. The transition took a while, I have about 150 feeds in my Bloglines account, but I am overall happy with my choice. I even burned my own feed to make it easier for my readers to subscribe.

I also thought it was time I shared the pros and cons I discovered with you. These lists are however open and I’d like those of you dealing with feeds to add your own findings.

What I love

  • I instantly see what blogs are updated
  • Adding a new feed does not take longer than adding a bookmark
  • If I don’t have time, I can still read everything I missed a little later without running the risk of forgetting who updated what.
  • If I need certain posts for further reference, I can keep them new. This works better than bookmarks as I get to revisit them almost daily.
  • I get special subscription ebooks 😛

On the downside

  • If Bloglines is down, I end up not reading important posts
  • There are still quite a few blogs publishing small pieces of articles so the whole reason for using a reader is lost
  • I tend to comment less

What thoughts and feelings has your RSS reader experience brought? Thanks for sharing!


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