Getting angry is not that complicated. Given the right amount of tiredness, stress and people doing everything wrong, your mood can go from nice and peaceful to something better described as a volcano about to erupt. If what’s causing your state doesn’t just disappear, the volcano might just erupt suddenly, no warning, no control whatsoever.

Yes, it is natural, you can’t help it! So what’s the problem? Well, that little lack of control part I’ve just mentioned. When we allow ourselves to have such outbursts, we rarely take it out on the wrong person. It sometimes happens it’s the nearest person to us (and possibly part of that little group that hasn’t actually done anything wrong). Alternatively, their mistake could be way to insignificant to deserve such a reaction.

So before you go taking it all out on the wrong person, stop, breathe, go outside for 5 minutes, drink some cold water, look at funny pictures, chew some gum. There are plenty of ways to calm down. Just choose the best one for you! It will do you a world of good, especially if you’re supposed to be leading a team. No one likes to be treated horribly for no blame of their own. And no one likes their manager to act upon moods that shift rapidly. Fairness is what everyone is looking for. And those expected to set an example should always be first at remembering it.

My two cents after a tiring and tricky day 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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